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about your +Culture & Career internship

Due to COVID19 we can only offer a few available countries. 

For EU Citizens, internships are available thorough Europe.

Please contact us for more information.

Leave it up to the pros.

We find the perfect placement within your field.

Choose your country.

Let us know what specific country you would like to intern in.

how it works

1. Say Hi!

Send us an inquiry with your questions or to set up an online meeting. In case you would like to start right away, continue to step 2. We will always reply within 24-hours.

2. Sign Up

Let's get started! To activate your application, you just have to fill out the application form and pay the application fee. We will get in touch with you within 24-hours.

3. Relax

Relaxing time! This is where we will do all the work for you so just sit back, relax and give yourself a pat on the back because you've done a great job so far!

4. Ready, set, go!

We will make sure your interview is with a company of your choice. Our team of internship experts will help you make the right decision. When everyone has given the green light it is time to step on that gas pedal and start the journey!

+Culture & Career

The perfect combination! Explore the town and the country after working hours or during the weekends.

This is your chance to explore a new country and culture during your internship.
We have a full itinerary ready for you.


+Culture & Career Details

Your internship couldn’t get better with these extra services!

Quality Internships

Dodgy internships in Japan will never happen with GVI. We strictly screen companies to ensure our interns get valuable, hands-on work experience. We want you to enjoy going to work everyday!

Discover A new country

This experience is more than an internship, We have a seasonal, ever-changing and exciting cultural program ready for you. Allow our team to show you the best the country has to offer.

Online language lessons

For just $19 you online receive language lessons so you can start communicating with the locals when you arrive.

Data Sim Card

"Yes mom and dad, I have arrived safely and am having some dim sum right now." might be the first words you send home. Staying in touch with your family and friends is important to us. Our SIM card allows you to stay online 24/7 and order delivery from your fav local mom and pop shop.

Transportation Card

Fortunately most companies provide a commuter pass. But you might want to explore areas outside of your internship location. To get you started we set you up with a $20 charged transportation pass you can top up yourself when needed!

Emergency Assistance

While uncommon, accidents due happen. From the beginning we have ensured all interns are safe and healthy. In case something happens we are here to help.

Housing Arrangements

Home is where the heart is (as well as your PlayStation and a comfy bed to watch Netflix.) GVI arranges your accommodation based on your preferences. Our housing partners take screenings very seriously ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. Depending on the destination, housing starts from $300 ~ $800 for a private room including utilities, furniture, super fast jedi internet and awesome housemates.


We have a whole tribe at GVI supporting you. After your internship experience, you might realize you have always wanted to become an astronaut instead of a marketeer. How can I make the switch? How can I use this internship experience? What do I say during my interview at NASA?

Arrival Pick-Up Support

Welcome! We provide you with detailed instructions on how to get to your accommodation or arrange airport pick-up if needed. If you're unsure on making the journey alone, our members will be happy to pick you up from the airport for an additional $50.

Workshops & Network Events

Fun & professional workshops. Meet both local and international entrepreneurs, hear about their success stories or you can learn about a traditional tea ceremony. With our workshops & language lessons you will shine like a star during network events. Have a simple chat and expand your professional network. Most capitals offer the best biz-hub to meet like minded young professionals.

Special Discounts

That's right! GVI has partnered up with several unique companies, We offer several discounts on gym classes, fashion items, sweets, cosmetics and more! You will be granted access to your coupons when you have joined the family!

Goodie Bag

Top secret goodie bags are handed out during your orientation including useful items and seasonal snacks. GVI is always looking to add something extra special to your internship experience ( and perhaps some extra kilos in snacks, luckily we have special prices for a gym work-out!)

The Application

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Application Fee

Payment in installments is only available for our Global Internship Program 

All internships are unpaid.

Once we have received your application form and fee, we can get started arranging your perfect internship!

The remaining Program Fee will be invoiced once your online internship has been confirmed.

 It is possible to pay in USD, EURO and Japanese Yen.

+Culture & Career Program Fee

+Culture & Career

$ 2,300

+Culture & Career

$ 2,800

+Culture & Career

$ 3,300

+Culture & Career

$ 3,900

+Culture & Career

$ 4,300

+Culture & Career

$ 4,800


1 %
Friend Package

Sign up with a friend and get both
10% off
Sharing accommodation is optional too!

1 weeks
or longer

Receive a $30 Amazon gift card to get you started in a new country! 

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