Your child's internship abroad explained.

Parents, we understand.

Your child wants to go to overseas and is ready to fly the nest.
You also had to leave your parents’ house one day to spread your wings.
Yet, back in the day you might not have thought to move across the ocean.

Nowadays, the world has become much smaller which allows your children the opportunity to live and work abroad.
But how much do you know about the country or our services?
If the answer is not a lot, then don’t worry.
This page will inform you about:

– Why an internship in abroad?
-Acquired skills after an internship
– Our support
– Parents review

Japan is the best place to send your kid to; allow us to explain why.

Why an internship in abroad?

How many people you know have worked overseas?
Working in overseas adds
tremendous value to your child’s resume.

Pursuing a degree has become standard, but interning in in a different country is something
unique and valuable.
Employees are looking for something different nowadays.
An international internship will add
that spark on your child’s resume.
With this beneficial experience we see interns grow into independent, young professionals.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.
We made a list of benefits down below.

Acquired Skills After the Internship

Future Career

The internship gives a peak behind the curtains of a professional work environment. Your child will discover which area or field he/she likes to work in. With an internship they get a better understanding or discover a career path they would like to pursue after graduation. Several interns even receive job offers after successfully completing their internship.

Networking skills

Your child will understand that networking is key to a successful career. That’s why GVI takes the interns to such events. It’s not what you know, but who you know. With this in mind we prep our interns to make those connections. Some interns have landed their jobs after graduation because of the network events.

Self-confidence & Independence

Coming alone to a new country and finishing an internship gives a huge confidence boost to our interns. Firstly, your child will experience a relocation. Secondly, the process of applying and getting interviewed for an internship. Thirdly, the experience of working in an international and professional work-environment. These are the building blocks for our interns self-confidence and independence.

From Student to Young Profesional

The interns get their own responsibilities at their internship, need to create their own social life and take care of their daily chorus. These responsibilities transform your child from student to young professional. Of course we as GVI assist the interns along the way, just not with the daily chores :).

Intercultural Awareness & Escaping of the comfort zone

Every culture is unique. Your child will learn how others see the world. This process will boost your child’s intercultural awareness because they start benchmarking the foreign culture with their own. This process can create a culture shock and an appreciation for their own culture. They will be able to quickly adjust to different environments and can better handle different situations.

Advantage on Resume

We have a lot of success stories after a student completes an internship overseas. International work experience doesn’t go by unnoticed by future employers. Our previous interns landed jobs after graduation due to their internship in a different country.

Our Support

24/7 Emergency Support

Both GVI and the housing manager are reachable 24/7 in case of emergency.

034 - Life InsuranceCreated with Sketch.


Not sure what insurance to get? Our team can help pointing you in the right direction. A travel insurance is sufficient and covers the most important matters.

On-site staff

We are on the same location! Perhaps you would have liked to meet someone in person, but isn't it better when we're in the country with your child?

WhatsApp Group

We have a closed GVI WhatsApp group with our staff and other interns joining the program.

Weekly check-ins

We always stay in touch with our interns, even when they have settled in and made new friends.

Save accommodation

Housing has been strictly screened and selected with care. Roommates have conducted screening and each house has an appointed housing manager. All accommodations are in safe and convenient areas.

Reviews from the Parents

Gonda and Kajal in Tokyo
My advice to other parents: if your child wants to apply for an internship in Japan, support them and let them spread their wings. Even though it is was very tough for us as parents, we trusted our daughter ' decision and made sure we supported her choice 100%. This was a very valuable time for my daughter, she has an extra unique experience to add on her resume now and achieve her future goals sooner.
Gonda Boedhoe
Kajal's Mother
"From the moment I spoke with the Zentern team, I knew my daughter would be in good hands. I occasionally kept in touch with the team during her internship in Japan. Amber came back home more confident and independent. She was able to find a full-time job in no time. It was scary at the beginning but I am very happy I could support her during her journey in Japan.
Mrs. Willis
Amber's Mother

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