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Looking for talented interns to work at your company in Japan? Contact us! We have great connections with universities, agencies and individual students. Our inters are coming from all over the world, ready for a new challenge and motivated to get hands-on working experience. 

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Hiring new employees takes time, money and lots of effort. All our interns are motivated and looking for new opportunities to enhance their careers. This is the best way to find new talent.

Save cost and time

While we kindly request to cover the intern’s commuting expenses and/or accommodation, the internships are unpaid due to visa regulations. This is a short-term learning experience for the intern and where your company will save cost and (recruiting) time.

Hiring Success

Hiring new employees always comes with a (financial) risk. An internship however, is a chance where both parties can get to know each other allowing for a better success rate hiring new members.


You think differently than someone else would from another country. A company can not succeed with people with the same mindset. Having staff from all over the world creates new opportunities and a fresh breeze during daily activities. 


It is fun having interns on board. They spend their valuable summer holidays or breaks to work and learn more about life after college. This is enough proof of their motivation, intelligence and pro-activeness. They come in with new ideas, are hungry for challenges and willing to learn anything they can. We all have been there too, so let’s help our younger generation prepare for their professional careers. 

Leave everything up to us!

◉ Housing

◉ Emergency Support

◉ Visa

◉ Work oriented seminars & workshops

◉ Orientation (prior to the internship)

◉ Social Events

◉ Etc.


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