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We are Global & Virtual Internships – a young and international team with a mission to give you the best internship experience wherever in the world.

It was just a couple of years back when we started an internship program named Zentern in Japan. We felt the world is getting smaller and it was about time we go global.

Our team speak English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Nepali, Dutch and German.

All of us interned in overseas before and also worked or studied in different countries such as Japan, the USA, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and Mexico – yes, we’re pretty international!
You can say that we have walked a lot of miles in your shoes before.

Would you like to know more? We’ve written a small intro about our team members below.

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The team

Noa -Worldwide

The person you will talk with most of the time before coming to Japan. Noa has interned at a "typical" Japanese company for 5-months and knows all the ins-and-outs of culture shock, settling down in a foreign country and mastering the art of Tokyo's transportation. Originally from The Netherlands, Noa is fluent in Japanese, English and Dutch. She has lived in the Netherlands, the USA, Australia and Japan. Are you a big foodie or want to explore Tokyo and its surroundings during your internship? Noa would be one of the best guides you might find in Japan. She loves traveling, exploring new places and cycling (we guess it's in the Dutch's DNA).

Satomi - Asia

Meet our superstar, Satomi. You will meet her in person once you have arrived in Tokyo. She organizes some of our events and is usually busy talking with our host companies establishing fruitful partnerships. Satomi is always excited getting to know our Zenterns. She's the best mentor you can find on Japanese culture and language.

Terry - Europe

Perhaps our most international team member. Terry has traveled through Europe, Asia, Oceania and Latin-America. He loves to meet people from different culture and has lived and worked in Mexico, the Netherlands and Japan. With a huge passion for cooking, salsa, chess, futsal and running, Terry is an awesome guide on sports, (salsa) dancing and where to shop for the right ingredients. Terry is our business developer and is in touch with interns, companies and universities.

Ixchel - North & South America

Before calling Tokyo home, Ixchel has lived in Mexico and Canada. She has internship experience in Japan too and always comes up with the best ideas for our events. She loves UFO machines, horror movies, concerts, yoga, reading and video games. Ixchel is the right person to ask tips from if you're not sure what to do with your weekends in Tokyo.


Our brilliant designer from down under! Sarah visits Japan more often than official foreign delegations do and we couldn't be happier. A natural talent when it comes to animation and design. She is also a great senpai, loves cute stuff and your best guide on Tokyo's kawaii and art scene. Just like all our other team members, Sarah also was an intern in Japan before.

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Our HQ is located in Tokyo, Japan!

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